Group forming machine for packages

Group forming machine type e-Pack 10 is a device for grouping and placing of sealed cups Ø70mm, Ø95mm and Ø125mm into a tray. Capacity of this device is up to 10.000 cups/h. The machine receives filled and sealed cups from the filling machine, then groups them into packs and places them into tray pockets. There are two variants of tray picking, either directly from the tray forming machine or from stacks. The machine is designed for easy and quick change-over using saved recipes of the manipulator movement. The main functions of the machine are based on servo drives thanks to which the work of the machine is very ergonomic and machine operation very intuitive.

General characteristics:

  • Automatic machine for grouping of cups Ø75, Ø90 and Ø125 and their packing into trays.
  • Main functions of the device based on Mitsubishi servo drives
  • Structure made of AISI 304 steel
  • Touch panel for easy operation
  • Conveyor drives with smooth speed control
  • Quick and simple format exchange system
  • Recipes for packing and formats saved in PLC
  • Automatic tray feeding
  • Discharge of full trays onto a roller conveyor
  • Automatic distribution of cups into rows in equal proportions
  • Control of tray feeding
  • Control of cup feeding
  • Return signal to the packer in case the machine stops
Basic Technical Data:
Working pressure6-8bar
Volume of cup0,150– 0,5 l
Max. Cup Height150 mm
Max. Cup Diameter125 mm
Capacity*4x5 – 10 000 cup/h
3x4 – 6 000 cup/h
2x3 – 4 000 cup/h
Number of cup entry rows1
Number of grouper rows2 lub 4
Installed power3kW
Air consumption (7bar)1,2 m3N/min
Number of manipulators1
Number of grippers6 lub 12 lub 20
Control voltage24 V DC
Group forming machine e-pack 10
l. 1000 mm
w. 2330 mm
h. 2 300 mm
weight: 650 kg
Group forming machine with conveyors
l. 4150 mm
w. 2 330 mm
h. 2300 mm
weight: 800 kg