Preform dumper

EWP Electric preform dumper is a device which allows to automate the process of feeding preforms into the feeder of the blowing machine. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, it enables working with feeders of different hopper heights as well as loading cartons/containers without the need to use a forklift truck, in each case a manual lifting truck is sufficient. The movable cover sealing the top edge of the carton prevents the preforms from spilling if the operator only needs partial filling. The control system allows for flexible dosing of the quantity of preforms and the safety system ensures safe operation.

General characteristics

  • Preform dumper driven by a worm gear drive
  • Smooth regulation of the discharge
  • Automatic sealing of the top edge of the carton
  • No fork-lift truck required
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Security guards with opening control
  • Adjustable to any container height
  • Tailor-made execution possible
  • Small footprint
Basic Technical Data:
Maximum height of the Carton1200 mm
Maximum width of the Carton1250 mm
Cycle timeApprox. 10 seconds
Elevation height 1500 mm
Installed power2 kW
Control voltage24 V DC
Preform dumper EWP
dimensions ,
l. 1400mm
w. 1700 mm
h. 3 300 mm
weight: 500 kg
Dumper with covers
dimensions ,
l. 1900 mm
w. 2180 mm
h. 3300 mm
weight: 700 kg