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Blowing machine with capacity up to 4500 bottles/h, dedicated to production of PET/PP packages with volume in range 3-6 ltr. Standard equipment includes:

  • modern plasticizing system ECO-HEAT developed by Enca Technology,
  • an air recuperation system to help to reduce the costs of this medium,
  • central lubrication with system operation control,
  • the system of closing system compensation, which significantly improves the quality of produced packages,
  • remote access – online via a web browser also possible on mobile devices.

The machine has a linear bottle outlet, which makes it possible to feed oriented packages directly onto a plate conveyor.

General characteristics

  • Automatic machine for PET package production in the 3.0 – 6.0 Ltr. range.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Quick and simple mould exchange system.
  • Blow air pressure – 25-38 bar.
  • Transport of ready bottle – by the neck.
  • Leaky bottle identification system.
  • Regulated speed of preform pre-stretch.
  • Automatic preform feeding and orientation system.
  • Modern plasticizing system, ensures low energy consumption ,,ECO-Heat’’.
  • Main functional movements of the machine based on servo drives.
  • Compensation system on the closing unit.
  • Compressed air recovery system ,,AIR-Recuperation’’.
  • Transport of preforms during bottle production – by the neck.
  • Transport chain with preform rotation around the axis.
  • Linear outfeed module for transfer of an oriented bottle to the filling line.
  • System for independent adjustment of each row of lamps to optimize the plasticization of the preforms.
  • Software that monitors the condition of the machine and related equipment in order to optimize the production.
  • The software includes the so-called function „Ad-hoc Service”, which enables remote removal of minor faults.
  • Touch screen control system for easy operation by the operator.
Basic Technical Data:
Blowing pressureLow pressure - 10 bar
High pressure - 35 bar
Bottle volume3 - 6 L
Max. bottle Height380 mm
Max. Bottle neck Diameter42 mm
Max. Bottle Diameter115 mm
Capacity**3000 ml – 4000 bottles/h
5000 ml – 3 500 bottles/h
6000 ml – 3 400 bottles/h
Plasticizing units (modules)3 pcs
(3P + PE), 50 Hz,
Air consumption (10 bar )* bottle 1l3.2 m3N/min
Air consumption (35 bar)* Bottle 1L11.2 m3N/min
Number of closing units1 pc
Number of mould cavities3
Control voltage24 V DC
Blowing machine
l. 4200mm
w. 2200 mm
h. 2 300 mm
weight: 6 300 kg
Machine with preform feeder
l. 6 400 mm
w. 3 300 mm
h. 3 100 mm
weight: 6 800 kg

*(depending on the size, weight and shape of the preform and bottle

Modern plasticizing system ,,ECO-Heat’’.

Low electricity consumption thanks to the use of specialized heating systems dedicated to PET material based on technology,,ECO-Heat’’:

  • Reduction of the required oven power by 15-25%
  • High performance in small dimensions
  • Reliability and durability of lamps
  • Precision and full control over the process of plasticizing the preforms
  • Average power consumption for plasticizing preforms for production of 1.5 L package is about 5.65 kW/1000 bottles

Air recovery ,,AIR-Recuperation’’

Low air consumption thanks to recuperation system
AIR Recuperation realized by optimization of pneumatic processes with the use of special valves.

  • less air necessary for machine operation
  • possibility of using a smaller and cheaper compressor
  • extension of compressor service intervals
  • lower energy consumption
  • quieter machine operation, meeting more stringent standards
Central lubrication system

The machine is equipped with a central lubrication system, which enables quick and precise application of the right amount of grease. The system works automatically.

Quick and simple mould exchange system

The machine is equipped with a roller table allowing for easy removal and insertion of the mould into the closing unit, this facilitates the assembly and disassembly of moulds.

Stretching and blowing unit

The stretching system is driven by a servo drive which ensures its fast and precise operation. The air blow, both preblow and main blow, is carried out by specially designed solenoid valves of a Swiss company
The operation of the closing unit is based on a crank and knee system, which is driven by a servo drive. The mould opening and closing cycle is controlled by a PLC unit and is synchronised with the movement of the manipulator and the blow and stretch system.