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e-Blow 4 – a blowing machine with a capacity of up to 4000 bottles/h, capable of producing PET packages with volume of 0.2 – 2 ltr. The big advantage of the machine is simplicity and very good quality/price ratio. It will work perfectly together with the linear unscrambler from Enca Technology production.

General characteristics

  • Automatic machine for PET package production in the 0.25-3.0 Ltr. range.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quick and simple mould exchange system
  • Possibility to increase capacity through modular line extensions
  • Adaptation to any working conditions
  • Automatic preform feeding system.
  • System for independent adjustment of each row of lamps to optimize the plasticization of the preforms.
  • Software that monitors the condition of the machine and related equipment in order to optimize the production.
  • Touch screen control system for easy operation by the operator offering functions:
    – Creation and modification of various operational programmes,
    – Display of technical data of the blowing machine together with production information,
    – Oven power setting, capacity and all other parameters that can be adjusted.
    – Display of diagnostic messages.
  • Compressed air recovery system ,,AIR Recuperation’’ – OPTION .
Basic Technical Data:
Blowing pressureLow pressure - 10 bar
High pressure - 25 bar
Bottle volume0,25 ÷ 3 L
Max. bottle Height380 mm
Max. Bottle neck Diameter42 mm
Max. Bottle Diameter115 mm
Capacity*500 ml - 4 200 bottles/h
1000 ml - 4 000 bottles/h
1500 ml - 3 800 bottles/h
3000 ml - 2 500 bottles/h
Plasticizing units (modules)2 pcs
(3P + N + PE),
50 ÷ 60 Hz, Cos φ 0,9
Air consumption (10 bar )* bottle 1l2,0 m3N/min
Air consumption (25 bar)* Bottle 1L3,0 m3N/min
Number of closing units2 pcs
Number of mould cavities4 (2+2)
Control voltage24 V DC
Blowing machine
l. 2070mm
w. 2900 mm
h. 2 200 mm
weight:2 300 kg
PREFORM feeeder
l. 2 400 mm
w. 2 000 mm
h. 3 100 mm
weight: 560 kg

*(depending on the size, weight and shape of the preform and bottle)

Air recovery – OPTION

Low air consumption thanks to recuperation system AIR Recuperation realized by optimization of pneumatic processes with the use of special valves from company

  • less air necessary for machine operation
  • possibility of using a smaller and cheaper compressor,
  • extension of compressor service intervals
  • lower energy consumption
  • quieter machine operation, meeting more stringent standards

Design and manufacture of PET bottle blow moulds

Every project starts with the development of a bottle. The shape and weight of the bottle must fully meet the needs of the customers, but at the same time all the requirements related to PET bottle production technology must be met.

Touchscreen control system
allowing for easy operation

It is a fully automatic machine. Thanks to the use of a microprocessor PLC with a touch screen, it is possible to control the operation of the machine on an ongoing basis, to change settings and parameters. It is also possible to save product recipes.